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 Bathroom Renovation, Crozet, Virginia

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House Painter

Welcome to Beams Painting!

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Bathroom Renovation Flooring repairs Bathroom Renovation

Batroom Renovation, Crozet, Virginia

Beams Painting has been serving The City of Charlottesville , Albermarle County, Greene County, Orange County, and Louisa County Virginia areas for over 25 years. We are licensed, bonded and insured.

Beams Painting has references readily available upon request.

Beams Painting is a painting contractor that is skilled in restoration from fire and water or flooding damage. Terry Beams has over 25 years experience as a working painting contractor. Beams Painting is the painting contractor you are looking for. Beams Painting can repair and renovate kitchens, bathrooms, decks, living spaces in your home.

We document our work with photographs. From start to finish we create a photographic record of renovations and improvements so that the property owner has clear documentation of the work we have completed.

Note lack of venting in roof
This is a small house in Crozet, Virginia one of my long timg clients purchased. Replacement windows and vinyl siding make this a clean neat little property. No vent pipes in the rook are a red flag.

Rotten sub florring discovered during renovation

After we removed the tub and shower walls we discovered rotten sub flooring and rotten floor supports. 2x4s in floor structure was another red flag. We also discovered metal siding (middle of picture) insode the wall and metal beams below the wall base.

More red flags

After we removed the shower stall's plastic wallcoating and the surface luan (thin wood wall covering) on the walls we discovered a "crank out" type window and two upper vents that look like those in a vacation type trailer. Red Flags all over the place

More problems discovered

The rotten floor and floor joists are exposed from the old tub area. Below the wall base is a metal beam resting on a block foundation. Now we know this house is made from at least one trailer, possibly three.

Extreme lack of foundation space
We discovered that no floor supports for the flooring. The lack of clearance mandates 2x4s for floor joists. The commode flange and pipe were not attached to the floor system other than the floor flange. The PVC sewer pipe from the commode was duct taped to an old sewer pipe which in turn was fastened to another PVC pipe running to the sewer system. The water feed lines were made up of copper, PVC, and steel line combinations simply taped together in some places and laying in the crawl space. The dirt floor crawlspace was littered with refuse which we removed and replaced with a 6ply moisture barrier.
Air Duct Blows Into Crawl Space

Here we look back towards the door. Note the old drain system and water feed lines. Also note the right side where you can see an air duct that blew into the crawl space because there was no opening in the previous floor space.

The second duct opened into the middle of the room. The wall n the right was framed with 2x4s but had an uneven “jog” in the wall. We shimmed half of the wall up to level. We reframed the walls and installed insulation and sheetrock. This picture shows the total trailer portion of the house.

Pressure treated flooring system.

Note the shims leveling the left wall. New pressure treated 2x4 flooring system has been installed in the limited space between metal cross members and base of wall. The new drain and water system is shown installed. A vent pipe valve was installed under the sink in the vanity to allow proper drainage. (The old system had no vent) A 3/4 “pressure treated subflooring was laid over the floor joists. We also extended the unconnected air duct vent to the window at the end of the room.

Finished flooring

Shows the trailer floor system close up along with the aluminum siding.

Finished Room
We jump ahead to see the new sheetrock, new base and vinyl. We also re-wired the room putting in boxes for all electrical outlets, switches, and lights. We jump ahead to see the new sheetrock, new base and vinyl. We also re-wired the room putting in boxes for all electrical outlets, switches, and lights.
New Sink and Vanity
New sink and vanity
New Toilet
New Commode and water feed line.
New Bathtub
New bathtub with new drain and waterfeed lines.
Finished renovation
Completed batroom, decorated and functional.
  • Custom residential, industrial, and commercial painting contractor. 
  • Interior and Exterior Painting Contractor Specialists
  • Brush, roller, or spray application. 
  • Historic property restoration specialist. 
  • No project too large or too small. 
  • State of the art techniques incorporated with old world attention to detail. 
  • The quality goes in before the coatings go on. 
  • References available. 
  • Professional, Licensed, Bonded & Insured Painting Contractor.
  • License# CIC/HIC 2705-000781
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Professional color consultation included over 25 years customer satisfaction.
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