Seven Common Myths in Painting and Why You Should Watch Out for Them

Painting your home is a significant project that, when done right, will make your house very pleasing to the eye and increase resale value. It would always be nice to search for ideas from friends or the internet on how to make your project worthwhile. But before you embark on such an important task, here are some common myths about painting your house so that you avoid them. Some are just simple misconceptions, but others can be costly.

1.     You can use any paint for your home. This myth is untrue; different types of paint have a specific purpose. There paints intended to use on wooden, metal, and concretes surfaces. If you used the paint on another surface, it would just peel away and would need repainting. Location is also crucial; will it be an interior or exterior surface? Exterior paints should withstand elements such as sunlight, rain, snow, and strong winds. Interior paint will not last and will eventually need repainting.

2.     Primer is not needed. There are still many people who believe that a primer is not required and you can proceed with painting even without a primer. This statement is a myth, and a primer is a critical process in painting. Primer allows the paint to adhere to the wall and prevent premature peeling. It also makes the paint look smoother and professional.

3.     If you use a primer, there is no need to clean your walls. This myth is something to watch for, especially if you hire a contractor. The paint does not adhere to dirty, greasy, and dusty walls. Sanding the wall surfaces is also very important. Make sure you or your contractor clean and sand the walls before painting.

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